This country is paedophile haven: List includes celebrities, judges and politicians

“This country is paedophile haven” says Fiona. the details were revealed to international child trafficking ring based in Australia. Fiona shared her flashback of being abused at her young age of 2. She gets dropped off at VIP parties. Her list of people abused her consist of famous personalities from celebrities to politicians. “They snorted cocaine and raped me, also have sex with each other. Then drowned me in a pool” she said. Those unfortunate events still had effects on her.

She reveals how this paedophile ring goes to the highest levels and included orgies at Parliament House. Fiona named the people who sexually assaulted, raped and tortured her: Which not only limited to the names below.

–Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);

– Dr John Gittinger (Lithuanian Nazi concentration camp guard and CIA agent);

– Former US President Richard Nixon;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;

– Former Australian Opposition Leader Kim Beazley;

– Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;

– US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;

– Ted Turner (CNN).

Barrett talked about being present at Satanic ritual with some of Australia’s famous people like Kim Beazley (Australian Labour Party and Opposition leader) and Richie Benaud (famous Australian cricket captain and sports commentator).

Dr Antony Kidman was trained by Gittinger and others in the employment of torture, unethical hypnosis, and drugs to artificially induce a state of dissociation in children. He also was in a kiddie killing cult. His MK-Ultra programming was structured on a pentagram – the same emblem that featured in his inner Sydney City cult.

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