‘You’re next’: ‘Serial rapist’ auto driver to woman

A 25-year-old woman had a narrow escape on Monday evening when the auto she boarded turned out to be violating every law laid down to regulate it. And when she confronted the auto driver, he took her to a deserted stretch and claimed that he was a serial killer and rapist; he then snatched her purse and pushed her out of the auto.
The woman’s horror story began when she boarded the auto outside UB City around 7.15 pm. The woman works in UB City and wanted to return to her home in Koramangala.
“After the victim boarded the auto, she noticed that the meter was not working and she pointed this out to the driver. He promised to charge a flat fare of Rs 100 to drop her home. However, he then asked for Rs 200 claiming that he needed it to fill gas and would adjust it against the fare at the end of the journey. As he spoke, the woman realised that the driver was drunk. After tanking up, the driver asked for more money but this time the woman refused,” said an officer who is part of the investigations.
“As they were arguing, the driver took a detour and drove past Ibis Hotel on Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road off Richmond Road. He drove to a dark place and threatened the woman saying he was a serial killer and rapist and she would be her next victim. He then snatched her purse and pushed her out of the auto before driving off in the dark,” the officer said.
During the scuffle, the victim tried to check for the driver’s details and found out that he had not displayed the driver’s license. But she did manage to click the driver’s picture. The woman then called her colleague for help and returned to the place from where she boarded the auto and reported the matter to the traffic police. She even shared the pictures of the accused with the police.
“The victim in total lost Rs 300. The search for the driver is on. The accused’s pictures are being circulated and shown to other auto drivers to identify him,” the officer added.

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