Mother complains about school’s cruelty to her son in social media

An Emirati mother complained about the school where her son study, which had made her son to sweep the floor as punishment.
She posted about the incident in social media site in form of an audio clip. The audio clip has gone viral in social media. She also says in the audio clip that when she raised the issue to the school they expelled the boy from the school.
According to her complaint, her nine-year-old son was subjected to physical abuse by teachers at the government school in Dubai and they had even video-recorded him sweeping the school.
Dr Brigadier Mohammad Al Murr, head of the Human Rights Department of Dubai Police, said that in the audio complaint posted on social media networks, the woman is heard asking for help as, she said, she had reached a dead end in her bid to get her son’s rights after the school expelled him.
After Dubai Police contacted her, she came to the police station on Tuesday and claimed that her son was beaten and insulted several times by the school’s principal and teachers. They even forced him to sweep the school in front of his classmates because, the school claimed, her son was misbehaving in the school, she said.
“We listened to her problem and registered her complaint. We are now verifying her allegations and will contact the school and the authority concerned to solve the problem. We have specialised people at the woman and child protection section and the most important thing now is to protect the boy’s rights,” Brigadier Al Murr said.
The woman said after she came to know about her son being made to sweep the floor, she visited the school and told the principal that two of her elder children had graduated from the same school, but her third boy had been treated badly.
When she told the principal that the former principal used to treat the students’ parents better, he forced her to leave the school and threatened her.
She said she approached the ministry and was told to send her complaint by email. Later, she was surprised to receive an order from the school stating that her son had been expelled.
“I went to different authorities in the country to get my son’s rights but nobody listened to me. The problem started two months ago and I am still looking for a solution,” the mother said in the audio recording.

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