Sharjah police’s initiative for women employees successful

Women employees employed in Traffic and Licensing Department of Sharjah Police were made to be a part of a pilot programme dubbed “Achieve when you are away” which allows women to work from home instead of the office.
This program was deemed to be successful where many women employees were happier and more productive because of this.
By submitting their work online, women employees are spending less time commuting to the office, spending less money for work and more on family and, in the process, are freeing up office space.
Ameenah Khamis, one of the employees who benefited from the initiative, said the new programme is encouraging her to be productive. It has increased her happiness and productivity as she is working without being under pressure, she said.
Another employee, Eman Yousuf, said, “The initiative has saved my time and effort going to the office and coming back and encouraged me to become more productive. I feel that I have achieved a work-life balance, working and taking care of my family and, as a result, I am more happy,” she said.
Brigadier Saif Mohammad Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said the initiative was extremely successful during the trial period.
Brig Al Shamsi said, “Sharjah Police spare no efforts in ensuring the happiness of our employees by launching a number of initiatives and programmes to enhance their creativity as their happiness is our main concern. We want to establish a creative and inspiring working environment. We also take the employees’ suggestions into consideration as we strive for their happiness and productivity in their fields.”
The initiative has increased their productivity while strengthening their family ties, he added.
Colonel Dr Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, acting director of the Traffic and Patrol Department of Sharjah Police, said the initiative has increased women employees’ productivity.
It was partially introduced for six Emirati women workers who were encouraged to do their work of completing traffic transactions at home. Each of them completed 800 transactions daily while staying at home. Staying at home saves the time wasted on employees heading to and from their office and leads to more family stability, he said.
Col Al Naour said the Sharjah traffic department studied the cases of each of the selected employees — how far away they live from the workplace and their health condition. The initiative has also helped reduce the number of days these employees take leave and improved their creativity and resulted in less stress and work pressure.
Col Al Naour said there is a plan to roll out the initiative in other departments as well.

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