UAE mother gets jail for killing her son

An Emirati mother has been jailed for three years for killing her 14-month-old son by deliberately stepping on his belly and causing him an internal bleeding.

According to court report, the Emirati mother had repeatedly beaten her son on different occasions until his death in July.

“No I did not kill him, your honour. I was taking him for treatment at hospitals,” the accused earlier claimed before the presiding judge of the Court of First Instance. “I was taking good care of him as I took care of my other children and siblings.”

One of the defendant’s maids testified that she had witnessed how the mother would forcibly make her child eat and even throw him in the bathroom to shower him. “I noticed once she was pressing on his stomach but she stopped when she saw me.”

The Indonesian maid said that the defendant used to be violent with her little baby. “Once I heard him crying and when I was called I could see blood on his clothes on the floor.”

The baby was rushed to a hospital on July 16 last year but he died shortly later.

The incident was reported to Al Qusais police.

“The baby was brought several times to hospital. Once he suffered fractures in his skull and thigh bone and in other times, he was admitted with brain haemorrhage,” a doctor, who treated the victim, said.

The doctor added that the baby had multiple injuries.

The mother’s sister said the defendant would tie the baby’s legs with a headscarf. She claimed she spotted bruises on the baby’s face and neck which were covered by some cream.

According to the forensic report, the cause of death was severe abdomen internal bleeding.


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