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Horoscope today- How is your day


You’ll need to be very clear in your communications. A profound opportunity for transformation presents itself, anything can happen


Stars will bring you enormous drive to begin new projects. What you start now will succeed.


You want to express your feelings and now is the time to put thoughts into action. Go for a brisk walk in the fresh air this evening


Forget about your troubles and enjoy the simple things in life, good food, music, friends, and family. Today is also a wonderful time to propose marriage or begin a new relationship


Develop your personality, appearance and personal skills and do not let others speak or act for you. Your personality, behaviour and presentation will make all the difference.


Only you could combine unsurpassed energy to discriminate and refine with a wild imagination, Virgo. This is how dreams come true and you’ve mastered it today.


Today there’s bound to be trouble. You’ve got plenty of progressive ideas but you’re just sharing them at the wrong place and time


It’s possible that you will become more reclusive now. Let it be Focus on creative uses of your words instead such as writing poetry or songs


It’s time to clear out the old stuff at home. A new broom sweeps clean. Emotional Strength and a fantasy romance with a father-figure will have a delightful appeal to a certain people.


Today you are in a creative mood. Enjoy the day by indulging in a favourite restaurant or by ordering take-out… don’t cook unless you derive lots of pleasure from creating in the kitchen.


Evaluate an unemotional assessment of your ego. The stars boost your inner vitality and energy, but what is your purpose in life? You can be more forceful and dynamic now, but you don’t be arrogant


Today is full of love and beauty. You’ll be admiring someone you could never have. It’s sure to be a social time full of new visions


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