Kejriwal visited office twice last year, claims Mishra; govt. says ‘ridiculous’ !

Sacked Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra recently alleged that the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been to his office and the Secretariat only twice in the last year.

In a blog that he posted online and later tweeted, Mishra gave an “open challenge” to Kejriwal to prove him wrong before the public.

“Even as friends and relatives’ houses are being raided, even as more and more cases of corruption are coming to light, the CM has not uttered a word in this regard. The CM, who is completely cut off from the public leaves his house after many days to see Sarkar 3. What do you have to say now?,” Mishra said in a Facebook post.

A Delhi government spokesman said that Mishra’s claim was “baseless and too ridiculous to respond”.

Mishra wrote,“I was thinking when was the last time when Kejriwal went to his office, the last time he actually climbed the stairs of the Secretariat. Delhites may not know that their CM has gone to his office not more than two times in the last year.”

However, the AAP government offered no response to the allegations.

Mishra claimed that the Delhi government has failed to curb corruption. “Neither the government, nor the L-G, was able to stop projects where corruption was possible. Instead, they hindered projects that had no scope of corruption. I also know the truth about Mohalla clinics (sic),” he wrote.

He also accused Kejriwal of holding meetings behind closed doors as he was scared of coming out in the public. “Do not be scared of people. I know he is quiet because he thinks that public memory is short and will soon forget all this,” he wrote.

Demanding a “performance report” from the CM, Mishra wrote, “Does Kejriwal have the guts to keep his performance report before the public? Or he just has one answer for all our questions — silence?”

“In the entire country, Kejriwal is the CM who meets the public the least, the one who goes to the office the least, the one who has no portfolio, the one who works the least, the one who takes the most days off…and soon he will be the CM in the country with the most corruption cases against him,” Mishra wrote.

In the end, he warns Kejriwal of public outrage against him. “If you do not want to come out, it is fine. It is the public who will now talk. The public that was duped and let down. The public will now speak up. Just remember; public does not forget,” he wrote.


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