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Hypertension : 10 common causes of sudden high blood pressure

Hypertension is a long term condition in which the blood pressure of the arteries increases to high level. The normal blood pressure level is below 140/90 mm Hg. The increase in blood pressure puts pressure on the heart. The condition is also known as a silent killer as most of the time there are no clear signs and symptoms.

Severe hypertension symptoms include headache, fatigue, confusion, vomiting, nose bleeding, blurred vision, sleepiness, breathlessness and excessive sweating.

These are the 10 common causes of hypertension or high blood pressure.

1. Hereditary

Hypertension may be hereditary which means that the genetic factor increases the risk of hypertension. If there is family history of high blood pressure, then it is advisable to have regular health check up to detect hypertension at an early stage..
The inherited form of hypertension falls under the primary high blood pressure category, which accounts for about 95 percent of the cases. This condition may lead to other health issues at a young age.

2. Excessive body weight

Excessive body weight is among the leading causes of hypertension. Unhealthy lifestyle, increased insulin levels, poor diet cause obesity, which is linked to high blood pressure and other conditions like heart attack and diabetes. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight to prevent hypertension.
3. Age

The blood pressure increases naturally as you grow old. The risk of developing high blood pressure increases in elderly people. Consumption of fatty foods, excessive drinking and smoking and sedentary life, ups the risk of hypertension with age.

4. Excessive salt

Excessive intake of salt also increases the blood pressure. If you are having processed or packed food, always check for the salt content as usually these products have high levels of salt.

The excessive amount of salt will up the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.


Yes, the gender is also important. Males have greater possibilities of developing hypertension as compared to females.

6. Sedentary lifestyle

Spending hours sitting is not healthy and it is often associated with high blood pressure. Long term sedentary life, which lacks exercise or any other type of physical activity, can lead to increase in body weight and stress on the heart.

7. Excessive alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette excessively will put undue stress on the arteries and your heart. It is important to find a balance and have a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking excessively is connected to heart disease as this bad habit can clog the arteries.
8. Stress

From problems at home to office politics, there are several reasons for stressful life. It is another big contributor to hypertension. You must try to calm you mind and relax.

9. Contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills or birth-control pills increases the risk of hypertension. If a woman consumes oral contraceptive pills then it is important to monitor the blood pressure regularly.

10. Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a disorder in which a person has interrupted breathing or shallow breaths during sleep. It causes sudden decrease in blood oxygen levels and this may lead to increase in the blood pressure at night. The blood pressure may stay elevated during the day.

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