Is Modi govt preparing for a very ‘Concrete and Decisive Surgical Strike again?

Union Minister Jitendra Singh today said that the government would do something very concrete and decisive with regard to terrorism and cross-border aggression by Pakistan.

In response to a question if the government is planning to something to check terrorism in Kashmir and rein in Pakistan at the border and LoC, Jitendra Singh, “Did we tell (media) before we carried out the surgical strike? We talked about this only after the operation had been done. We will not tell you what we are going to do.”

Responding to the follow up question is something being planned, Jitendra Singh said, “We will definitely do something decisive. But, I can’t tell you what that would be. The security agencies will do whatever is required.”
“You will see the results yourself,” Jitendra Singh said.

Jitendra Singh said asserted that the youth of Kashmir ‘wants to be part of the development agenda of the Narendra Modi government.’

There are certain elements in the Kashmir Valley who are stoking trouble and they are not more than 350 in number, Jitendra Singh said. “This chapter of disturbance in Kashmir will come to an end very soon,” Singh said while declining to give a time-frame in which the government would execute its plan. Refusing to divulge the details about how the government is preparing to deal with terrorists and their supporters, Jitendra Singh said that “this will be a decisive policy,” full of “courage, conviction and consistency” aimed to resolving the problems.

Jitendra Singh refused to buy the argument that Hurriyat is an ‘important’ stakeholder in resolving Kashmir issue.

“Our agenda of alliance in Jammu and Kashmir says that we will talk to stakeholders. But who are the stakeholders. Are Kashmiri Pandits not a stakeholder? Are Sikhs and Ladakhis not stakeholders? Are 65 per cent youths of Kashmir Valley not stakeholders,” asked Jitendra Singh.

On a specific question on Hurriyat, Jitendra Singh said, “Hurriyat too (is a stakeholder). But, why only Hurriyat?” The Modi government has maintained that till Hurriyat talks of separatism and ‘supports’ terror, it will not talk to their leaders.

Jitendra Singh invoked former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in defending government’s decision not to talk to Hurriyat. He said, “You can’t shake hands with someone who has clenched fist. This is not me who says this. Indira Gandhi had said this.”

The Union Minister in the PMO claimed that the youths of Kashmir Valley wants to “progress with the mainstream India”. “Just three days back, 68,000 boys and girls came out for 700 vacancies in the Jammu and Kashmir Police. This is a reflection of their choice. This shows that they want to progress and engagement with them is on,” Singh said.

Youth forms 65 per cent of the population of Kashmir Valley and they are ‘more engaged with us emotionally’ now than earlier, said Jitendra Singh, who comes from Jammu and Kashmir.


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