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Arvind Swami exposes the other side of award shows; Aishwarya Rajesh supports him !

It is the time of the year when Indian celebrities are busy preparing to look best in their designer outfits for popular award shows like International Indian Film Awards (IIFA), South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) and Filmfare, among many others.

The nomination lists for these shows are out and cine-goers are eager to see the best talents getting honoured for their notable performances in 2016. 

However, the latest tweet by actor Arvind Swami exposes the other side of these award shows that clearly indicates that the so-called audience votes do not really matter. The Thani Oruvan actor has commented that these awards are not considered based on votes, and more than awarding the deserving ones, what really matters is if he/she can attend the show and collect the award. He also added that even if he is nominated for any award, he will not waste his time by voting for it.

Actress Aishwarya Rajesh backed the statement made by Arvind. “Very true,” the Jomonte Suviseshangal actress commented on the actor’s tweet.

A Mollywood celebrity has also suggested it is similar for Mollywood awards as well. “In a way it is right. Most of the awards are given only if the celebs are available for the show. After all, the aim is to entertain the audience, and the actors with mass audience appeal will have preference than others even if there are many others, who actually deserve to be honoured. You know, there are even some people who do not attend these private award shows just because of this politics,” an actress, who likes to remain anonymous said.

Meanwhile, it has to be noted that in 2016, too, Arvind had posted similar tweet on the politics of some of the award shows. “Some of these awards are so funny, they invite and tell you that you have won, you tell them ‘Thank you’, but you can’t attend the function and then,” reads the tweet.



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