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The Jennifer Aniston Yoga postures that keep her in tip-top shape

Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American actress, producer, and businesswoman. Aniston gained worldwide recognition for portraying Rachel Green on the popular television sitcom F.r.i.e.n.d.s

Why Jennifer looks so awesome is her balance. She’s a balance of having strength, being toned, and being lean—beautiful but natural. She works hard, but you also see her taking care of herself. She’s a career woman and a relationship person. We should have balance in all aspects of our lives! Always address all aspects of who you are

Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Workout

Sun Salutes

Works: Total-body, but especially arms, abs and legs.

Begin in Mountain Pose, with your feet together. Place your palms together. Close the eyes. Get centred. As you inhale, sweep the arms above the head, as you exhale, hinge at the hips forward fold. Again, inhale, keep the palms on the floor, or bring your hands up to the knees, raise your chest halfway forward, flatten your spine.

Exhale, step back to Plank, top of a push-up. Look straight ahead.

Inhale. Exhale, lower down, hugging the elbows in close to your body.

Inhale, lift the heart up, shoulders roll back away from the ears into a Cobra or Up Dog. Exhale, press back to Downward Facing Dog.

Take five deep breaths. At the end of the last exhale, look up to the hands. Step the feet to the hands. Inhale, look up. Exhale, fold down.

Inhale, press the feet into the mat and firm the thighs to rise up to Mountain Pose. Exhale, press the palms together at the heart.

Repeat five times.

Tree Pose

Works: Inner thighs, core, and mental focus.

Place most of your weight on your right leg and draw your left heel to the inner thigh of the right leg. Steady your gaze and connect with your breath. Keep the left knee turned out, and gently tuck your tailbone, as you extend out throughout the crown of the head.

With the hands in prayer position, press the palms together, at the same time press the inner-thigh and the sole of the foot together.

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