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Women weighing 241 kg to set record for world’s biggest hips

People across the world have been going crazy for setting bizarre world records. Putting on weight and being obese is not something most people would want, but that ceases to be a concern when it comes to pursuing world records.

Bobbi-Jo Westley weighs around 241 kg and while that would send any other person on a diet to lose weight.
The reason for this unusual desire is the aim to set a world record for having the largest hips.

Westley’s hips currently measure 95 inches and she seeks to break a record of 99 inches.

The big hips have generated an army of fans for the woman, with several people even paying her to sit on them.

Westley says that she was surprised when men liked her shape.

Even if Westley can’t complete basic tasks, is out of breath from just walking across the room the 42-year-old has not decided to reduce her size.

She is now bound to her house under advice from doctors. A nutritionist even warned Westley that the weight gain could cause early death.


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