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Shri Mangalnath Temple – The only shrine to remove Mangala Dosha !

One of the Navgraha, Lord Mangala has only one temple in the whole world, dedicated to him, Shri Mangalnath Mandir in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Mangalnath Maharaj

Residing priests at Shri Mangalnath explains that this temple was a blessing by Lord Shiva to Goddess Earth.

Vedic scriptures

As per Indian astrology, Lord Mangala signifies planet Mars, and is the god of war and is celibate.

He is also called Bhauma

He is the son of Goddess Earth (Bhudevi) and rules astrological signs, Aries and Scorpio.

Jai Mangalnath

Lord Mangala considered a malefic of the first order and rules over blood, muscles and bone marrow.

Portrayal of Lord Mangalnath

He is depicted in flame-red colour and is visualized carrying a trident, mace, lotus and a spear. Lord Mangala presides over Tuesdays.

Lord Shiva’s sweat

As per Puranas, Lord Mangala was born as a result of sweat drop of Lord Shiva on Earth. He is considered to be the representation of aggressiveness and an honour of Arise.

Mount Kailash

Once Lord Shiva was engrossed in deep meditation, and three drops of sweat surfaced on his forehead, which dropped on earth. From this fall, a beautiful flame-red skin infant was born.

Birth of Lord Mangalnath

The child was handed over to Bhumi Devi, Goddess Earth, and was named Bhauma. From a very young age, Bhauma was deeply devoted to Lord Shiva; he went to Kashi and performed strict penance to please Lord Shiva.

Mangal Shila

Origin of ‘mangal shila’ in this temple is believed to be since the time came into existence. However, the temple premise was first developed by Maharaja Jivajirao Scindia of Gwalior.

River Shipra

Situated on the banks of River Shipra, a tributary of River Narmada, Shri Mangalnath is in the holy city of Ujjain.

Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple

The city is also known for the famous Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple. According to Matsya Purana and Skanda Purana, Shri Mangalnath is claimed to get the birthplace of Mars.

Religious shrine

It is one of the highly revered shrines of India, as it is only at this temple that one can offer prayers to reduce the impact of Mangal Dosha.

Prominence of Bhaat puja

Devotees from all over the world, visit this temple for the special ‘Bhaat Puja’ that puts an end to all problems in life.

Mangal dosha

Individuals who have rising effect of ‘Mangala grah’ in their birth chart are advised to at least once worship at this temple, in order to calm its mounting effect.

Worshipping power

Praying to Lord Mangala frees one from debts, poverty and illness afflicting the skin, even the graha bestows property and conveyance.

Hindus believe that in order to remove the fatal impact of Mangal Dosha from birth chart, one must offer prayer first at Shri Mahakaleshwar and then come back to Lord Mangalanath and perform ‘Bhaat puja’.





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