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Here are 10 reasons why air hostesses hate passengers

Air hostesses on board try their politest best in spite of passengers arrogance only because it is their job. No one gives it much thought, they are the lifeline of the aviation industry. Flight attendants have revealed what irritates them most about passengers.

Here are top 10 things that irritate air hostesses:

1. Not an object of desire

They are hired for their looks and smart attitude but doesn’t mean they are symbols of desire. Male passengers quite often try to get air hostesses attention by ringing the bell constantly, calling them by snapping their finger and making the verbal pass.

2. They are not stupid

They are often referred as the ‘Waiter on the plane’, the stewards complain about passengers feeling lowly about them. It isn’t easy to get a job in the top airlines as they pay high and they have to compete with thousands of professionals to secure the position.

3. They don’t cook

While bringing home packed food is allowed, asking it to be heated on-air is not. Also, asking for more than one serve of food is not permissible as there aren’t many extra boxes on a long flight.

4. It’s an airplane

Serving food is the most tiring work on the flight. When the menu reads chicken with rice or beef with rice, the passenger will ask for items, not on the menu or ask for the air hostess to repeat the menu verbally

5. Overhead bins are for suitcases

More often than not, the passengers boarding later don’t have the place to store their bags as the passengers fill the empty spaces with smaller luggage as well. Smaller luggage and handbags are best kept under the seat

6. Follow the rules

Passengers don’t follow basic rules like keeping the toilets clean, keeping the seats upright during landing and take-off, opening the window shades, handing over the headphones and so on.

7. Courtesy helps

Sharing small pleasantries like ‘Hello’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’ go a long way in making the flight easy for them. They are the ones who try to make the travel as safe and comfortable for the passengers. Please don’t be rude.

8. Taking pictures/videos

Passengers often try to click pictures or make videos of air cabin crew. It is a matter of common decency in a public place.

9. Taking safety precautions lightly

Although the stewards showcase safety steps before every flight, it is a common practice to ignore it.

10. They don’t control everything

The passengers need to understand that air hostesses don’t have everything in Their control. You need to be accommodating as they are doing everything to make their travel hassle-free.


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