This is why Student-Teacher bond is the most special one !

While there are several beautiful relationships in this world, a student-teacher relationship is somewhat special.

Here are 5 things that make Student-Teacher relationships stand out:

Teachers are like parents away from home

It is difficult for kids to leave home and spend hours at the school. Teachers make them feel comfortable and instantly fill a void. In several ways, they play the role of parents in their absence.

Teachers guide you along the right path

Parents may spoil you, but teachers never do that. They always tell you what is right and steer you away from bad habits, even if it means you are not liking them. This is why we often make jokes about teachers and get angry on them in school. Only later in life do we realize that their harsh feedback has made us who we are.

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Teachers get you ready for the real world

Most of the skills that you learn in order to face the brutal outside world are taught to you by your teachers. From being disciplined to turning in your work on time, it’s all inculcated in you by your teachers.

Teachers show us the meaning of a love-hate relationship

How many times have you cursed a teacher in your head simply because you were given some extra homework or punished for your misdeeds? And how many times have you put it all behind you and laughed at your teacher’s jokes, and struggled to be your teacher’s pet? Your teacher is your first love-hate relationship.

Teachers shape your future without taking any credit for it

Once we are out of school, we all take our individual paths and become who we think we were “meant to be”. Rarely do we acknowledge the fact that our teachers have played a huge role all along the way to make us who we are and get us where we have reached.

So, in case you have fallen out of touch with your teachers, get back in touch with them and tell them what they mean to you.




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