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The Fateful night; Still the truth begins or ends Unclear

The fateful night on May 21st, 1991. Rajiv Gandhi murder is considered to be one of the most dreadful incidents in the history of India. And it was not the first murder in the Gandhi family; it shows a powerful preplanned strategy for political benefits. It has been 26 years Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the EX- Prime Minister occurred as a result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, Tamilnadu. 14 others were killed with him. The bombing was carried out by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam also known as Dhanu. The attack was blamed on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE), an organization from Srilanka. Like all assassination, related questions still arise based on this. The world knows that he was killed by the order of  LTTE leader Prabhakaran. And still, the question arises who asked Prabhakaran to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.?

Where the truth begins or ends is unclear in all aspects of the issue.

Prabhakaran was a converted Catholic follower. He was mostly influenced by the Vatican and it doubts that it was gratitude towards the Vatican from the side of Prabhakaran.

Neena Gopal in her book “The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi” says that what Rajiv Gandhi said when he enters the venue in Sriperumbudur, “Why are there no lights? There seem to be few people. Where are your supporters? This doesn’t seem like an election rally at all.  Probably he did not understand that it was done by his own people. 

Once he told his close friend Dr. Subramaniya Swami that he made a mistake of bringing someone to the country. He had released after many scams including the Bofors scams that he had done the big mistake of his life. He wanted to put an end to all those things. Unfortunately, he was assassinated very soon after that.

Many security officials and 14 other innocent people were killed in the blast, but no other congressperson was injured? This question was also raised when the murder happened.“The killer is caught and punished. The conspirator also died, but who was behind the conspirator to instigate all this? That’s still to be unearthed,” says the former CBI officer Ragothaman.

All the 26 accused persons caught by the Central Bureau of Investigation were imposed to death. Subsequently, on appeal, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of four of them, including Nalini and her husband Mur­ugan. In the long chain of events in the years since the sentences of those on death row were interchanged. In recent years, there have been several legal petitions by the conv­icts, who have now spent 25 years in prison, seeking cancellation of their sentences. And it goes without saying that the convicts’ cause has been intertwined with Tamil Nadu politics, though, as some observers would argue, it has not been significant electorally.

And, now, a narrative by Nalini Sriharan from her prison cell about her life, the interrogation, her daughter, the meeting with Priyanka Gandhi and also, in passing, the one question that has been debated endlessly: couldn’t Sivarasan, the ‘one-eyed Jack’, has been captured alive?

The difficulty is to looking back to the controversies of the assassination that has come throughout these years. From all this, the death of Rajiv Gandhi was considered as one of the most sensational crime. The human bomb has taken a toll this country, and indeed history will never be able to forget. 



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