Popular Indian Actor Reveals How A Missed Flight Changed His Life!!!

Unlike the Khans, Akshay Kumar does multiple films in a year delivering most of them successfully. There is no doubt why he is called Khiladi of Bollywood. From action flick and comedy to romantic drama, Akshay skillfully gets into the skin of the character. Akshay never confines himself to just one genre. He has explored different subjects throughout his career and time and again proved that he is the master. He has his ardent fan following who adores him whole-heartedly and we know why. In an in-depth conversation with mid-day, the actor opened up on his struggling days and rejections in auditions to changing his name.

The day when his visiting card arrived from the printing press became the turning point of Akshay Kumar’s life. During the interview, Akshay narrates the story how he missed his 6 am  flight for a modeling assignment in Bengaluru thinking it to be at 6 pm. After bursting in tears and getting consoled by mom, Akshay went to Natraj studio where he met director Pramod Chakravorty’s company’s make-up and his life changed afterwards. ”He asked me, “Hero banna hai?” I said, “Haan yaar, banna hai [Yes, I want to be a hero]. He said, “Photo hai [You have pictures]?” At that time, we used to travel with such big photographs, in a huge album. Because directors, and producers, would not want to see a small picture. I don’t know what they wanted to see – pores in your skin, or what. But they wanted to see everything closely. So, he took that album inside the office, Pramod Chakravorty saw it. I was called in. Much to my surprise, he gave me my first cheque, signed me up for three films, immediately. Right away. He gave me a cheque of R5000, for the first film, R50,000, for second film, and the third cheque had R1.5 lakh on it. The exact time he gave me those cheques was 6 o’clock in the evening,” said Akshay.


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