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A Husband still doubtful to choose between life-sized sex doll and his wife, See Pics

A married man is in confusion with his wife and dream girls to choose between. The 36-year-old wife is still clueless about the rare fonts of his husband.

The husband James has his ideal doll woman in one hand and on the other he has Tine, his wife of 36 years. Despite the plastic princess threatening to drive a wedge between the couple, Tine says she loves James and thinks he’s a good husband.

When he’s asked to choose between the inanimate sex toy and his human wife, he said that I honestly don’t know. The James is in font of sex dolls since Tine moved away for a while to care her sick mum. After Nine months, she found that she had been replaced by a legion of sex dolls, including April, James’ favorite.

Tine said she was “shocked and surprised” to meet the trio of dolls which had moved in with her husband, adding: “I was a little uneasy about it but it got better as time went along.”James said that Most doll owners, although they go into it with the intention that ‘It’s only a sex toy’, they find they actually do develop a relationship with that doll.


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