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Bizarre reason as to why the jealous husband threw out his wife

One should tell everything to their spouse- this what most of us believe. So did this wife who ended up being thrown out. Here are the details.

A newly-married woman was thrown out of her in-laws’ home in Bihar after she narrated a fake love story to her husband on their wedding night.

The incident took place in Sarsi village, in the Purina district, 350 east of Patna.

As per the police report filed by the unidentified woman, she married Sujeet Kumar in February this year.

On their wedding night, she faced immense pressure from her husband to come clean on her affairs, if any.

“She told us her husband exerted a lot of pressure to talk about her affairs before her marriage. Just to please him, she invented a fake love story. But this poisoned his mind and in a fit of rage he told her to leave his house immediately, thereby ending the marriage,” Madhuri Kumari, a local police official told Gulf News, quoting the victim.

The incident came to light after the woman reached the “junta durbar” of the local district superintendent of police, Nishant Tiwary, who assigned the case to a family counseling center.

Kumari said that the woman has since been sent back to her in-laws’ home and asked to contact the local police in case she faced any issues.

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