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These steps can make your Long Journey more Enjoyable and Fun

Travel Industry is fast turning into a multi-billion dollar business, and the society, every now and then, will rub it in your face that it is the most liberating experience. But don’t believe it completely.

It’s a mixed bag, which elicits different kinds of emotions, enjoyment, excitement, boredom. Yes, it’s true that boredom is a part of any journey. but don’t get disheartened, there are ways you can get rid of it.

1. Indulge in some good old reading

Whether it’s a newspaper, a fully-charged and fully-stocked Kindle, or a carefully-chosen novel, reading is one of the best ways to pass time while travelling on a long journey.

2. Watch a movie or a TV show on some online streaming websites, like Amazon, Netflix etc.
There are so many blockbusters as well as original series that you can find on these streaming sites.

3. Listen to a podcast
Not many things in life are as enjoyable as listening to a podcast as you gaze at the clouds outside your window. So, get a few TED Talks, or download your favourite podcasts before you hit the road.

4. Strike up a conversation with a stranger
If merely watching your fellow travellers gets boring, start talking. Human stories are always intriguing, and you might learn a few things about life after the conversation ends.

5. Catch up on some sleep
Your travel time will feel like it has significantly reduced if you sleep on the journey. And trust me, if you’re someone who can easily sleep while travelling, no other activity can be as good as this to kill time.

6. Write letters to your loved ones
Why not invest the free time on your trip to write letters? Pen down your thoughts and later, you can share the letters with your loved ones.

7. Plan your vacation
If you didn’t have enough time to do any planning prior to this trip, do it while you’re en route! Save links and information beforehand on your phone and use this information to put together a rough itinerary.

8. Grab a colouring book
If you haven’t already tried one of those adult colouring books, there is no better time to do so than the holiday season. According to research, colouring can be a therapeutic activity and help you relax and relieve outside tension. So before your trip, grab a colouring book, some coloured pencils, plug in your headphones, and get creative.

Never let boredom get a grip on you!


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