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Shocking! Customer got beaten up by the seller for this absurd reason

In this age and time, people prefer online shopping more than offline one. There are lots of positives to it, just like you can search over and find so many reviews about the product.

In fact, it is this ability to check so many reviews and buy the products that make people move closer to online shopping.

Many a time we are saved by just one review whether good or bad about a product!

But no one, not even in their wildest dream must have thought that hat you will be thrashed in a public place by Jeff Bezos or any of his retailers for writing a bad review? Well, neither did this woman.

On December 20, Xiao Die treated herself with a purchase of 300 yuan from Alibaba’s online store, Taobao. Unfortunately, she encountered a poor post-sales experience and ended up writing a complaint about it.

It’s because of her complaint that he lost 12 points on the online site.

Furious and filled with vengeance, the seller ventured on a journey to teach this woman a lesson. He traveled 850 km and caught Xiao on December 27.


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