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Most haunted places in Kerala

Haven’t you often wondered whether Ghosts exist in real life apart from being shown in the movie? Haven’t you been terrified when you heard ghost stories and about places haunted by spirits? today we list 5 places which are believed to be haunted by Ghosts in Kerala.

1. Lakkidi Gateway

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Located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, Lakkidi Gateway is the shortest route to cross over the Thamarassery pass. However, the discovery of this route is what has turned the gateway into one of the most haunted places in Kerala.  

2. Fearful Bonacaud Bungalow

If real ghost stories are to be believed then, Bonacaud Bungalow is one of the most haunted houses in Kerala. After darkness falls, this ramshackle mansion becomes an absolute horrid place and thus, counted among the creepiest places in Kerala.

3. Trichur forest

Trekking, camping, and taking a jungle safari are some of the popular things to do in Kerala. If you are a nature enthusiast and love trekking and camping then you must have heard of Trichur Forest in Kerala. It is a fun-filled spot but when the sun retires, the place paints itself into dark colors, turning into a dilapidated spot.

5. Kariavattom

The Kariavattom campus road is another haunted place in Kerala. It is said that there is a pond in its vicinity named after the girl who committed suicide in it, Hymavathi pond.

5.The Ghost of Vadhuthala Mathai


The place near the Perandoor Canal is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Vadhutha Mathai. The guy abused a young woman who complained to the local Lord Raja Edappally. The Lord sentenced the accused to be hanged to death. The execution took place near the canal, and since that day, people have experienced certain mysterious activities. These encounters led to the occult of the ghost of Mathai lingering the place. The story has such a strong hold that the native fishermen make offerings to the spirit before going to work. 


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