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Check out these Food items that your body will thank you..!

Here is a list of food items we might be ignored because of its bitter taste, but has a magical power to help to vanish negative effects on your body and will boost your immune system. These nutritional foods are a blessing and you must include it in your diet.


yogurt is a healthy medium to boost the digestive and immune system. Especially for women, it is good for their vaginal health.


Honey, known as the best healer for internal & external injuries. Honey has a rich source of antioxidants and minerals. honey is a great source of energy and can also kill nasty germs.


Turnip is a great medium to detoxify your body. It treats diverticulitis, lowers blood pressure, and has cancer-fighting properties.

Collard Greens

They are equivalent to the regular dose of calcium that milk can provide.


It is high in protein content and brings about muscle and protein repair. For better blood circulation and relaxed blood vessels, Quinoa is a perfect choice for breakfast.

Seed Oil

Start using all kinds of seed oils including sesame and sunflower. They are great for fertility and also help in balancing hormones during growing age. Black seed oil is highly effective in asthma.


Start using ginger in your morning tea, as it is known for its nausea reducing properties and also enhances the mood along with healing the belly ache. It also lowers congestion and strengthens the immune system.

Bitter Melon

Don’t ignore this because of its bitter taste. It is an effective way to remove all toxins from the body and has cancer-fighting properties. It is also good for skin disorders and minor wounds.



Banana is as healing as honey and contains serotonin, which positively affects your sleep and mood habits.



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