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What Do Women Hate About Men in a Relationship

Here are some of the most common things that women hate about men in a relationship. Whether it is in a marriage or a relationship, whether it is inside the bedroom or outside it, whether it is in public or in private.

Hogging the TV remote

Watching the TV together can either be extremely romantic or extremely annoying for a woman, depending on whether her man shares the remote or not. Hogging the remote is a common male habit that women despise.

Just like she tolerates the nonsense of never-ending sports games and the mind numbing action movies, she expects her man to cuddle and watch a romantic-comedy or a TV show about fashion.

Being completely unromantic:

Ignoring expressing love. One of the biggest things that women hate about men is actually one of the most innocent aspects of a relationship. Women hate it when men completely forget to be romantic and take the romance in a relationship for granted.

Women don’t expect men to behave like bubbly teenagers in love all the time but a regular expression of love and romance in the form of stealing kisses, unexpected warm cuddles, giving a rose without any reason and compliments on her looks are dearly expected.

The art of selective hearing:

Being a good listener on a need basis. Selective hearing is a habit that women hate in men. Women feel frustrated and ignored when their guys simply zone out during a conversation that does not interest them.

It is highly insulting when a guy has an animated conversation with his partner when they are talking about gadgets or cars, but zones off completely when she starts talking about her new hairstyle.

Taking sex for granted:

Not putting effort to turn on their partners. A woman’s mind will be filled with hate and disgust if her boyfriend or husband expects sex even when she has had one of the worst days at work or when they both have been fighting continuously.

Women link their sexual life with their everyday lives. Her sexual quotient is directly impacted by things that happen around her at work and home. This is why a woman will expect her girlfriend or husband to make an effort to turn her on.

Still talking to his ex

A woman hates it when her boyfriend or husband keeps in touch with his ex. She will feel pangs of jealousy over a partner’s ex regardless of how secure and confident she is about herself and the relationship.

Does he still miss the ex? Is it possible that he still has feelings for her? Does he share a chemistry with her that is better than their own? These questions are bound to resonate in a woman’s mind if her partner continues to be in touch with his ex.

Women hate it when guys turn into fitness freaks

Women really appreciate it when their guys remain fit even after marriage, whether it is in the form of regular trips to the gym or taking time to hop on the treadmill at home for a quick cardio workout. She will herself like to take inspiration from his ripped body so that she can find the motivation to lose weight and stay sexy.

But this source of motivation can easily turn into a source of hatred if her man takes fitness to an extreme level. Unless her man is a professional in the field of body building or fitness, she may see no reason why he should be spending thousands of dollars on fitness supplements, following crazy diets and spending all his free time in the gym in an effort to try to look like mean monster.

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