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Find out what the moles on your body reveal about you

Find out what the moles on your body reveal about you

Moles are marks that can appear anywhere on our bodies, including on the face, arms, palms, chest, and legs. You might get them anywhere at anytime. They appear when cells grow on the skin in a group, rather than spreading throughout the skin. These cells are called as melanocytes and they form the pigment that gives the natural color to the skin.

People interpreted different meaning of moles on the body, depending on the location of the mole, since ancient times. This gave way to many superstitions. Moleosophy is a branch of astrology that deals with location of moles on the body and foretells personality traits based on the location of the mole.

Here, you can read about the major spots for moles and the related personality habits.

The mole on the temple


According to early Chinese belief, mole on the temple is a sign that the person might travel a lot or migrate frequently to new places. They tend to repeatedly lookout for jobs that will demand them to travel to far off places.

Good mole location can mean receiving good news or gifts from abroad, whereas bad mole placement may mean bad dealing in business from abroad and also bad luck.

Eyebrow mole


The person with a mole on the eyebrow or close to eyebrow is creative, artistic and lucky. They generally make good career decisions, which brings them wealth and happiness.

If the mole is well positioned, the person can be a leader in their community. However, if the mole has an ill-fated location, the person may have a major obstacle before he/she turns 30.

Mole between three features


This is reflected as the mole with the best location. Conventionally it is a mole between the three features or the home sector. This signifies that the person is a jack-of-all-trades and has the ability to multi-task. They have to be extremely cautious while dealing with family and friends because their confrontational nature and negative attitude may lead to fight between loved ones.

Upper lip mole


Person with a mole on the upper lip is extremely attractive and has an amazing personality, which also signifies that he/she might be a lifelong flirt. They are extremely friendly and charming. They love joint families and are easygoing people. They are foodie and fashionable.

Depending on the location of the mole, a person can be humble and down to earth or an arrogant fool.

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Cheekbone mole


People with mole on the cheekbone have a lot of influence and seeks great respect especially when it comes to the field of work they have chosen. If the mole is well placed, the person will be successful and earn lots of money with his capabilities.

Whereas, mole in the wrong position may lead the person to suffer from poverty due to poor character. Nevertheless, the person with a cheekbone mole will make money and save it for future.

Mole on the palm of the hand


People with a mole on the palm of your hand are a really lucky. They will always have money with them and also will be able to handle it well. They will generally invest the money wisely and get good returns on them.

Mole on the foot


People with a mole anywhere on the foot will have lots of travelling in life. They generally take up jobs, which involve a lot of travelling. They will also be good leaders.



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