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This cough syrup can kill you !

A deadly drug is causing serious health issues and sweeping across Nigeria. But it is not the regular Meth or cocaine, but a cough syrup. Its a very sweet , strawberry flavoured cough syrup with codeine that makes you high and hooks you up very soon. Walk through the streets of Nigeria and you will come across many youngsters, both girls and boys getting high with the syrup. Consistent use of this syrup over a period of time will kill you.

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In a staggering statistic released by the government, it is said that in two states of Nigeria alone, two million bottles are consumed every single day !Government has intensified it’s efforts to capture vast quantities of this bottle and destroy it.Tons of bottles are burned by government daily. Vast quantities of this syrup are bought from the factory and pumped in to black market. The famous pharmaceutical company said that it is investigating the issue and they are not sure how huge quantities of the syrup are falling in to the hands of drug pushers. An under cover operation done by BBC is revealing more astonishing facts about the drug addiction of Nigeria.

Codeine is an opiate used to treat pain as a cough medicine but codiene can lead to habit formation. Doctors suggestions are recommended while taking it and it can cause serious or life threatening problems if the dosage is high.


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