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Visit the less explored natural waterfall: Raneh Falls, Madhya Pradesh

Raneh Falls has located some 20 km away from Khajuraho. The rock formations here are stunning. Nature lovers simply adore the place as the falls is situated in a picturesque setting surrounded by beautiful forests. The place should be visited during the rainy season to enjoy the wonderful sight it has to offer with millions of waterfalls in various sizes gushing through the rocks. Sunset is another view not to be missed on your visit here. The multi-coloured granites glow winningly and you would not be able to take your eyes off the landscape.

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This beautiful waterfall is situated on the Ken River and comes in under Chhatarpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This is about 30 meters deep canyon formed with pure crystalline granite in different colours like pink, green, misty white, and red to grey.

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The fascinating thing about this place is that there are dozens of small and big falls in regular stretches, some of them are seasonal having furious water flow during the rainy season. Ken River is encompassed Panna National Park, and Raneh waterfall is just located where this Park is beginning to start, this cascading waterfall is magnificently possessed scenic surroundings of rocks and invariable mounds around.

Green pristine forest gives you a glimpse of complete natural paradise and so this is an ideal place for nature lovers. River ken is quite a prominent river in central India in terms of crocodile conservation, as an alligator national park has been set up along the banks of this river. The climate here is very adaptable for both alligators and crocodile, though alligators are not native to ken river.

Landscaping has become so spectacular in rainy season as the black and pink basalt rock provides a wondrous look and flourishes water force gives a mesmerizing look. But Panna National Park remains closed as rainy season considered being the breeding season for most animals.


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