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After state fruit, now a possible state hobby for Kerala.

Our little Kerala’s beautiful beaches and the lush green western ghats attract not only tourists but also the flock of migratory birds. There are 10,372 bird species in the world in which 1301 belong to India and 520 to Kerala. Interestingly surrounding the arrival of these migratory birds a new hobby has been registering in Kerala with its international credentials. The new hobby is “Birdwatching” and in the case of avid birdwatchers, Kerala stands at third in the world! There are more than 50 birdwatchers’ unions in our little Kerala.

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The social media fanned up the spark and there has been a recent surge in the sales of Binoculars, camera etc in Kerala. The Birdwatchers registered in the E-Bird registry from Kerala is 3000. There have been some controversies related to the use of E-Bird app. Due to that the reports of bird species by wildlife studies department from the Agricultural University in Thrissur was stopped from uploading the info to E-Bird.Still, all these controversies are not stopping a rising number of birdwatching enthusiasts setting their feet on this diligent passion.


It’s hopeful that along with 520 native species Kerala is also becoming a temporary abode to 200+ foreign species. This also demands more calibrated action form the part of people as well as the government to preserve our green pastures, plant more trees, protect wetlands and give the state’s support to this new hobby of Keralites.

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