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Short film going to be made on the 6 years old girl raped and brutally murdered in Pakistan.

Like every other 6-year-old girl, Zainab from Kasur district in Pakistan had been flying like a butterfly enjoying the flowers, bees and skies when suddenly she got abducted. Her body was found later, raped, strangled and left in a trash heap. Like every other crime, this crime also received much outrage from the social media and the mainstream media also were abuzz with debates, cries and shouts. But according to Kashif Kabeer, the sensational behaviour of media was only for the sake of their ratings. He says,”Often when such incidents occur, the media/social media sensationalises the news to the extent that they completely forget how it affects the victim’s family The case is used to just further boost ratings, as a means to an end.”

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Kashif Kabeer is the executive producer of the project starring Suhail Sameer, Hamna Amir, Irfan Khoosat and Saba Faisal. The film named ‘Zainab Ke Qatil’ will be made by a local TV channel APlus.The scriptwriter of 2013 telefilms Baaghi and Behadd which were also based on child abuse, Umera Ahmed, will be writing the script for this one too. The film will be released in three episodes and also will be screened at cinemas in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad before a packed audience which includes media, activists, bloggers, actors and influencers.

The film crew aims at raising awareness about the issue of child abuse and also to criticise the opportunist society and media.


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