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Check out 10 beautiful celebs who posed nude for PETA!

Since Pamela Anderson’s nude pose for  PETA in 2003, many celebrities have shed their clothes for animal rights. This has become a trend now when celebrities take up the cause of animal rights and vegetarianism and go naked for that.

Shot under an aesthetic location, celebrities find this campaign as a status symbol.PETA works for animal rights across the world and along with Pamela Anderson many celebrities like Wendy Williams, Kristen Johnson and Evelyn Lozada have shown their naked beauty to the world for PETA’s campaign.

British model and singer Joss Stone has gone nude to protest against the use of fur caps by British Queen’s soldiers. Sapna Bhavanani, a famous celeb hairstylist, who recently shot to
stardom after her participation in the reality show Big Boss 6 is the new addition to this list.

So let’s check 10 beautiful celebrities who have gone nude for the cause of vegetarianism and animal rights promoted by PETA.

1.Sapna Bhavnani

Though she has lots of tattoos on her body, she will never wear a coat made from mink’s fur. As the famous ad caption says”Ink Not Mink”.

2.Pamela Anderson

The ‘Barbwire’ lady has been always with PETA. Her concept as articulated conveys that even animals have body parts as humans. So her option is to become a vegetarian. But what about the body parts of plants, anyways no question during a protest.Right?

3.Maggie Q

This South Asian hot model, was seen lying in a field of red chillies just to show the idea that even vegetarian food can be spicy or delicious.

4.Richa Chadda

The ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’ was appointed as the brand ambassador for PETA and she posed hersleves covered in cabbage leaves to exhort vegetarianism.

5.Wendy Williams

A famous actor and writer Wendy Williams was part of the Ad Campaign ‘I’d rather be naked than wear fur’.

6.Kristen Johnson

Sitting on a horse with her long flowing hair covering her body, Kristen Johson sensually criticized the concept of the horse being used for drawing carriages.

7.Christian Serratos

The star from the Twilight Series was part of the campaign ‘be comfortable in your own skin and let the animal keep theirs’.

8.Anupama Verma
This Indian supermodel posed in chains to protest against the slaughtering of animals for food.

9.Evelyn Lozada

This famous television personality posed in a serene poster for PETA protesting against the use of fur coats.

10.Alexandra Burke

Famous English singer, songwriter and actress Alexandra Burke also stripped off clothes for the cause of PETA. She also like Wendy Williams posed for the Ad which read ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’


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