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ISIS threatened to behead two best football players: See graphic pics

With less than a month left for the Russia 2018 World Cup (being held from 14 June to 15 July) a new threat, a rather dangerous one, looms over the quadrennial event. The terror outfit ISIS has threatened to behead two of the best football players in the current era – Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina’s Lionel Messi – at the World Cup. 

According to The Sun, the terror group is making calls to “lone attackers” to strike ahead of the tournament. A digitally morphed graphic image has surfaced which shows Ronaldo and Messi pinned down to the ground with their heads held by ISIS militants in the middle of the jam-packed football stadium. The caption of the image read: “Your blood will fill the ground”.

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The current threat was unearthed by cyber intelligence firm Sixgill, which monitors ISIS digital actions. The disturbing image was released via Telegram by a pro-ISIS group. The terrorist group, earlier this month, made their call to supporters in different countries to pick up arms. A sickening poster was also rotated showing a knife slashing the World Cup logo, with a French caption translated as “kill them all”.


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