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When social media addiction leads to depression

Comparison is a basic human nature sometimes it acts as a positive stimulant but some other times utterly depressant. Now when the world is connected through FB and its vastness reduced to screen size of a smart phone, this comparison with others takes many to take a dip in the ocean of depression, sometimes drowning in it.

Two possible things happen when one compares oneself with others:

1. It helps in improving one’s own skills and make one’s self better.

2. Develop a neagtive thought that one is nothing compared to others.

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The people who belong to the second category always will be in a gloomy state reading others’ posts and updates. These people will seldom put their own comments or posts on FB. Belonging to the second category, another group is very self conscious that it takes them to a depressive level. These people will post their pics online and will anxiuosly wait for the likes. If they get less likes than anticipated, it will plunge them into depression.

This emotional attachment to Facebook leads to depression as well as the lessening of one’s IQ and emotional intelligence. Health experts caution that it will also decrease one’s attention and they are prone to Nomophobia, Rigxiety, and other mental problems. Nomophobia is an irrational fear of being with out a cell phone and Ringxiety is a disorder when one hears his cell phone ring when really its not!

The symptoms of Depression, Nomophobia or Ringxiety if left unidentified will escalate to a problem that will affect your physical ability too. So its your own responsibility to not allow your smart phone interfere in your daily life.


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