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A college in Aligarh, a mentor for peeping Toms

In a college in Aligarh, under the strange reason of finding examination cheating cameras were placed inside men’s toilet. Dharam Samaj Degree College is setting out a precedence to all the invasive college managements with ‘Peeping-Tom’ tendencies with this shameful act. Calling the move as an invasion of their privacy, the students have expressed their angst. But the authorities are still stiffly maintaining their ‘studied reply’ that every thing is to keep a check on the incidents of cheating.well, don’t know who will offer this dignified personalities a class on basic courtesy to not to look at someone who is peeing!

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The college administration hailed the decision as ‘not an invasion on privacy’ and ridiculed those who protest against this. The principal of the college Dr. Hem Prakash told news agency ANI that CCTVs had been installed to reduce cheating and that students used to hide chits in their clothes.

Recently, the stringent measures which have been introduced during National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG faced flak from different quarters. But still, its going on, even making the girl students remove their bras at the exam centre!

On the wake of the rape of an 8 year old girl inside the bathroom of a prominent school in Bangalore, the police issued a notice to all schools to install CCTV cameras in their bathrooms, during last year. This decision invited the wrath of about 15 private schools, who were joined by parents, faculties and students alike. They protested, ofcourse to prevent the invasion on privacy.


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