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Things married women hesitate to share with their husbands

One of the best things about long-term relationships and love is getting to that extremely comfortable level with another person from the inside out. After 10 years of marriage, partners have likely done most things in front of one another — from pee to have babies to laugh until soda comes out of their noses. But no matter those moments and how close a couple may be, there’s something to be said for keeping some distance in certain circumstances. It makes the heart grow fonder after all.

Marriage brings two people closer with a promise to share a lifetime together. It goes without saying that the spouses are expected to keep no secrets from each other. But, it’s not easy to share everything, especially for women, who are expected to mould their life post marriage according to the ways of her husband and the new family. Here are a few struggles faced by married women that they find difficult to share with her husband:

The rift with her in-laws

Obviously, there will be a difference of opinion when a newly-married woman has to adjust to the ways of a new family and is expected to play the role of a perfect daughter-in-law as defined by society. Some women try to overcome the differences without making a noise, a few brave ones would perhaps raise their voice. However, what most fail to do is discuss these in-laws related-problems with her husband.

That little ‘secret’ savings

After marriage, a couple is expected to manage their finances together. Sharing expenditures is alright, but not all women would like to keep her husband updated about every financial decision—be it saving or expenses. Sometimes a person might like to have a little ‘contingency’ fund and declaring everything to her husband can be a struggle.

Meeting a ‘ghost’ from the past the husband does not approve

To be honest, most of us have a past that might sometimes pop up in our present. It does not necessarily mean a married woman might still have lingering romantic notions about her past, but the man of the house might think otherwise. A man might feel insecure if he finds his wife meeting someone from her past that he does not approve of. Under such circumstances, it’s very difficult for any woman to talk about an accidental (or planned) meeting with a ‘ghost’ from her past.

Saying no to sex

All women should learn to say ‘no’ to anything they think is inappropriate or are in no mood to entertain any request. However, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, a woman may not be interested to have sex, yet she still struggles to reject her husband’s advances or request. The simply reason being, girls in an Indian society grow up believing a wife’s duty is to keep her husband happy!

Helping her parents financially

No Indian parents will ever take help from their married daughters. Of late, things are changing. A lot of working women would like to support their aging parents. Sometimes, she would even carry their financial burdens as well. In a society where parents of a married woman are not even supposed to drink water at her place, imagine the plight of the girl when she needs to tell her husband that she wants to support her parents financially after marriage.

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