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Natural Treatments To Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fat produced by our body and is also known as lipids. Cholesterol usually gets a bad rep, but in reality, it is a crucial factor for the cells to function. However, our body produces only 75 per cent of the required amount and the rest is drawn from the food we consume which should have balanced amounts of cholesterol. Overproduction of cholesterol causes it to accumulate in the arteries and hence result in major heart diseases.

Causes Of Cholesterol

Avoid cholesterol-rich food like egg, red meat, shrimps etc.
Oil-saturated and unsaturated oil.
Consuming fat-rich foods can increase your cholesterol level.

Family history
Familial hypercholesterolemia is the condition of genetic inheritance of cholesterol. Even kids are diagnosed with cholesterol due to unhealthy eating habits that they pass on to their offsprings.

Being overweight or obese can also lead to higher blood LDL levels, and conversely, high cholesterol levels could possibly lead to obesity. Regular exercise and a steady, healthy diet are helpful in the eradication of cholesterol.

Men after their 40’s and women after menopause are more likely to accumulate cholesterol. Age is sometimes just a factor. Checking your cholesterol levels every five years is recommended.

Natural Treatments

Eat healthy: Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and, lower consumption of fatty and processed foods.

Quit smoking: Cigarette smoking lowers the levels of good cholesterol. It damages the lining of the blood vessels and increases the risk of thickening arteries. At times, second-hand smoke can also lower HDL cholesterol levels.

Workouts and exercise: This helps to a great extent as exercising daily burns all unnecessary fats that are deposited in the body.

Maintaining weight: BMI-Body mass index, Maintaining your right BMI is important. Conditions of overweight, as well as underweight, affects the body alike.

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