Fearless Young Couple Spotted

In a bizarre incident, a young couple fearless of being noticed by the public made love to each other on a road divider in South Mumbai’s Marine Drive area at Nariman Point on Thursday. Hundreds of onlookers clicked and filmed the act of the couple as vehicles passed by at the busy hour of the day. The duo made love barely few meters away from the state government’s office, and the video has gone viral after being surfaced on the Internet.



The incident took place between the Air India Building and Marine Hotel Plaza area which is also known as Queen’s Necklace. It is one of the busiest streets of Marine Drive, where hundreds of passerby and pedestrians spotted the couple. While some filmed them, others alerted the Police Control Room which rushed the mobile van from Marine Drive Station there.


As soon as the couple realized that the police is coming, the young pair separated from each other, adjusted their clothes and quickly crossed the road dodging the heavy traffic. Anyhow, police were able to catch the woman but the man, who appeared to be a foreign national, escaped the scene.


Addressing the issue, police officer MK Sharma said, “The woman appears to be mentally unstable. She has been sent to the Mahila Suraksha Kendra in Chembur, and further investigations are on”.

When the cops questioned the woman, she claimed that she was from Goa but later gave confusing replies. She also claimed that they were just kissing. No charges have been filed against her.

The police are on the search for the man and are scanning CCTV footage of the area, checking local hotels and Foreigners Regional Registration for his identity.


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