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These Are Cricket Player Afridi’s Daughter’s Playmates: See Viral Pics

Shahid Afridi always falls into a victim of Cyberbullies. Recently The former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team took to the micro-blogging site to tweet out two pictures — one that shows him bottle-feeding a deer and another of his little daughter standing with her hands raised, with a chained lion in the background. Given how these animals’ natural habitat is the jungle, the pictures instantly drew flak from the Internet users, who accused the cricketer of depriving the animals of a natural habitat to thrive in and therefore, doing the exact opposite of what his tweet’s message was about — caring for them.

“Great to spend time with loved ones. Best feeling in the world to have my daughter copy my wicket-taking celebrations. And yes don’t forget to take care of animals, they too deserve our love and care :)” read the caption of his tweet.

“Shahid Afridi has a pet lion who is confined at his home and it’s chained, this is so barbaric and inhumane poor creature should be in its natural habitat, running & hunting . where are animals protection organisations. F*** your wealth & fame if it doesn’t give you compassion,” “I’m absolutely appalled with what #ShahidAfridi is doing. You can’t keep a #lion out of its natural habitat all chained up & then claim that u r loving animals. The lion looks weak & so done with life. I feel so bad for it,” wrote enraged Twitter users upon seeing the pictures.

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