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Bigg Boss Malayalam : All that Happened in the First Episode

If you are a Malayali and you love reality shows, you are gonna have fun over the next few days. Bigg Boss Malayalam has started with Mohanlal as the host and a string of contestants from various fields. Some of the names are controversial enough but then you actually wonder if it is deliberately done to keep the show live. Anyway, the show has started and here is the important highlight of the opening episode.

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Mohanlal, after his entry with the Lalettan song in the background, states the most important rule of the show- not to speak in any other language than Malayalam. All the contestants along with Mohanlal had entered the house blindfolded. The big M introduces the contestants to the different rooms and facilities including gym, garden, dining area etc. He later helps himself to a tea. Mohanlal shows the night vision cameras and says that the only place where they have not installed a camera is in the bathroom. His bedroom has a painting of Navarasa and he makes a comment that the Navarasas will appear on contestants face. Later all the contestants are introduced.

Shwetha menon, introduced as the first contestant is paid a compliment by Mohanlal-He says she is a daring actress. The actress soon makes herself at home in the bedroom.

Tv Actor Deepan Murali, the next contestant thrills the audience with his dance performance. Mohanlal asks why he has joined the show barely two months after the marriage.

Actress and Daughter of Jagathy Sreekumar, Sreelakshmi was the next one to enter. After her performance on her father’s song, she is immediately handed a reminder of not to speak in English.

Hima Sankar, after being in controversy over her boldness is asked about the same. It looked as though other contestants were excited to see her.

Aristo Suresh, popular for his unique songs through his film Action Hero Biju, is welcomed by Mohanlal in typical Trivandrum dialect. Mohanlal spends a brief moment sharing his nostalgic memories of the city.

TV actor Srinish Aravind is introduced as Sharan by Mohanlal, which is the name of his debut serial Pranayam.

The LGBT activist Diya Sana enters as the next contestant. Mohanlal congratulates her for her efforts in the field. She talks for a while about her ‘bare breast’ campaign.

Popular actor Anoop Chandran is introduced as one of the close friends of Mohanlal. When asked about his decision to take part in the show, he says he wants the audience to know who he is.

Actress Aditi rai is the next one to enter, who turns emotional when asked about her family. She says she was brought up in an orphanage and later kneels in front of Mohanlal and tells him I Love You.

Basheer Bashi, a social media star is the next one introduced. He shows his two wives to the audience. He says the society perceives him bad as he has two wives, but he wants to make people understand what he is .

Businessman Manoj Verma, the next contestant extends his wish to hug Mohanlal. He says he is privileged to have got a chance to do that.

Pearly Maaney

Anchor Pearly Maaney enters in style with her motorbike and signs off with some singing and dancing. She also grabs the audience attention with her witty chat with Mohanlal.

Model-turned-actor David John is asked how he is going to survive without a mobile phone for 100 days. He says he is happy to feel the time when people were unknown to mobile phones.

Tharikida fame Sabu Mon, for whose presence the show is getting all the abuses is the next contestant to enter. Mohanlal speaks about his outspoken character and attire before welcoming him to the house.

Archana Suseelan is the next one to enter and Mohanlal comments about her being a half Malayali. She is popular among the contestants and received a grand welcome.

Ranjini Haridas is the final contestant. Mohanlal makes a brief comment about her distinct style of Malayalam before she asks Sabu mon to apologize for the comments he made in social media .

Mohanlal finally locks the house door saying he had locked all the contestants with Manichithra Poottu ( a popular dialogue from his film)

Later Aristo Suresh suffers a toe injury and is taken to confession room as advised by Bigg Boss.


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