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Check your July month love horoscope


While your love life has been full of ups and downs this year, you can expect a few positive changes this month. You will feel closer to your loved ones and might rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.


If you have parted your ways with an ex-lover a few months back, July will see you move on from your past. Those who are single might meet new people and spend quality time with them.


Lately, you have been overanalysing your love life and picking up arguments with your partner that could have been easily avoided. You need to maintain your calm and think before reacting to any situation.


There is nothing serious in your love life that would shake your boat. Be expressive to your loved ones and do not take them for granted. Appreciating them at the right time would go a long way in strengthening your relationship.


Your love life has been a bit chaotic lately. You are confused about your feelings and are not able to give 100 per cent to your relationship. You need to take your time and think logically about everything that is bothering you. Stay patient and use your positive attitude to figure your way out.


Married people can expect a harmonious phase in their love life, and even look forward to a short vacation with their partner. Singles who are looking for a love interest might meet someone interesting and consider getting into a relationship.


Your relationship is undergoing changes and you need to use your communication skills to avoid any conflict with your partner. Focus on finding solutions rather than harping on about your relationship problems. With patience and persistence, everything would fall into place.


Your secretive nature can create problems in your love life this month. You need to stop keeping your feelings to yourself and making your own perceptions about everything. Try sharing your concerns with your partner and you will find yourself (and your relationship) in a happy space.


Stars are in your favour and if you are sure about your partner, you can consider taking your relationship to the next level. Barring a few ups and downs, your relationship is in a healthy phase and there won’t be anything major to complain about. Singles who have fallen for someone, it is a good time to confess your feelings.

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Singles might have had bitter experiences in their love life this year. However, do not lose hope, you never know when you meet the right person. Those who are in a serious relationship, you can expect a rosy period in your relationship and some pampering from your partner.


Your energetic and charismatic nature will keep your dating game strong. However, you need to gain clarity about what you exactly seek from your partner and the relationship. Rest, nothing major would be a matter of concern for your love life.


Your relationship continues to be a smooth ride. It is a good month to make travel plans and take a break from your daily routine. Keep your attitude positive and you will be blessed with romance and harmony this month.


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