Lord Ganesh visits the roads after Lord Yamaraj

after Yamaraj, Lord Ganesha makes an apperance

After Lord Yamaraj pays a visit to the motorists on the roads, now Lord Ganesha enters the field.

Using Lord Ganesh as a medium, Bengaluru police is on a mission to spread road safety awareness.

In another innovative campaign by the Bengaluru Police, citizens were made aware of the importance of wearing helmets, thanks to the efforts of a man dressed as ‘Lord Ganesha’.

This campaign takes place after Lord Yamaraj came to warn the citizens against the dangers of not following traffic regulations. Meanwhile, in this new initiative, a man dressed as a Hindu God, Lord Ganesha, distributed helmets to riders, explaining to them the fatal consequences of driving without a protective gear on their heads.

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The ‘Lord Ganesha’ campaign took place in the area under the Rajajinagar Traffic control, as the man, with roses in hand, distributed helmets among the riders. The images of the ‘divine’ campaign were shared by the Twitter account of Rajajinagar Traffic Police.

In the past, the Bengaluru Police have initiated several such unique projects to create awareness among the citizens regarding road safety and traffic regulations. Speaking to news agencies, Deputy Commissioner (traffic police) Anupam Agarwal said that the campaign was undertaken to tell people that flouting traffic rules could lead to loss of life.

On Friday, the Bengaluru police department felicitated the theatre artist, Veeresh Muttinamath, for his contribution to the road safety campaign and awarded him Rs. 10,000. The police department has also organized street plays and lectures to promote their message for road safety.


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