Country-made bomb blasts and kills 3 brothers

was it intentional or not?

3 brothers were surveying a land when a bomb blasted killing them.

The incident took place on Tuesday, in Kurnool town Andhra Pradesh.

According to a media channel, the blast took place on the outskirts of the town near Nandyal checkpost. The three victims, two of them real estate developers, were there to survey a land.

While the three of them were surveying a piece of land which they purchased sometime back, the bomb exploded, killing all three of them. The deceased have been identified as   Jampala Mallikarjun, Jampala Rajasekhar, both of them real estate businessmen and their brother Jsmpala Sreenu.

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The Survey Department’s driver too was injured in the blast. According to the reports, some laborers had cleaned up the area and put the garbage in one place and set it on fire.

The two brothers died on the spot, while one of them was taken to the Kurnool Government Hospital and later succumbed to his injuries.

The country-made bombs were placed in the garbage, as suspected by the local police. An officer said an investigation has been launched to find out whether bombs were hidden in the field by someone or were deliberately planted to target the victims.

The 3 brothers are well-known in Kurnool and have been involved in various projects. The purchased land they were surveying was worth Rs. 20 crores.


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