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Do You Watch Porn?You Should Know What Sextortion is Or You Could be in Trouble

Sextortion sounds like two words combined. It’s Sex and Extortion and that’s exactly what it is. It is a new method used by scamsters and hackers to extort thousands of dollars from people by threatening them. But how exactly do they threaten you and that’s where the trick is.

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The scamsters will simply approach you via email and tell you that you have been watching porn and the video of you enjoying porn and caught in compromising positions were recorded and held by them. They will then ask you to give them money in exchange for the safe deletion of the videos. The exchange will probably be demanded in the form of Bitcoin.

The scamsters are in possession of no such videos or pieces of evidence, but one might get scared and do all that they want. To make their demand more convincing, the hackers will approach you with details about you that they have collected from somewhere and one might just fall for their trap.
The messaged could reach anybody regardless of whether you watch porn or not. The scamsters must be mass forwarding these emails and it only requires to click once for them to make a fortune out of it. Make sure you are not falling for it.


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