Presidents Put Down Political Talks To Flip Pancakes

How do Presidents take a break from their work? Do they put their feet up, hair down and relax with a cool drink I their hand? Or would they flip pancakes?

Russian President Vladimir Putin & Chinese President Xi Jinping were spotted taking a break from the heavy political talks by flipping pancakes.

The political leaders were at the Eastern Economic Forum that took place in Vladivostok when Putin challenged Xi.

Donning a blue apron, the leaders were seen making Russian pancakes ‘bini’.

making binis

President Xi led a delegation of 1000 Chinese business people and officials to attend the Forum that was headed by President Putin. The conference was aimed at encouraging foreign investment.

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After the meeting, the leaders showcased their culinary skills at the Sea of Japan waterfront, prepared pancake had relished them with caviar and a shot of vodka.

eating pancakes with caviar & vodka

The Chinese President’s perfectly-shaped pancakes were hailed by Putin as “very neat”.

very neat says Putin

This is the second time that ‘pancake diplomacy’ took place between the 2 leaders. .In June, Putin had made Chinese pancakes during his visit to the country, that President Xi had tasted.


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