Minors Shoots At Jail Warden For Seizing Cough Syrup

A jail warden was shot by 5 minors for seizing their cough syrup before they escaped.

The incident occurred in a juvenile home in Purnea town in Bihar.

The jail warden Vijendra Kumar and an inmate Saroj Kumar were shot by the 5 teenagers, one of the offenders is the son of a local Janata Dal United leader. Another has a long criminal history facing over a dozen cases.

Apparently the 5 minors were angry with Vijendra for seizing their cough syrup which they consumed as intoxicant, during an inspection.

Vijendra had then approached the local juvenile justice board to move the accused to another shelter. On hearing this news, the accused shot at Vijendra and Saroj who they suspected was a spy.

It is unclear as to how the acquired the gun to commit the crime. The 5 escaped the juvenile home after threatening the night guard and forcing him to open the gate.

An FIR has been registered and police teams have been formed to search the escaped criminals.


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