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Effective Health Tips For Night Shift Workers

Working the night shift for a longer period can cause harm to your body and result in a disorder called Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD).

symptoms of Shift Work Sleep Disorder:

  1. Lack of concentration
  2. Irritation
  3. Short temper
  4. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep pattern
  5. Hair fall
  6. Dry and dull skin
  7. A headache
  8. Giddiness

Some Health Tips For Night Shift Workers

  • Since hair loss is a very common symptom of Shift Work Sleep Disorder, it is important to take proper care of your hair. Apply and massage hair oil regularly to your scalp and the length of your hair. Some of the best recommended Ayurvedic hair oils are Bhringa Amalaka Taila and Brahmi Taila.


  • As you do not get to sleep during weekdays, try to make good use of the weekends and holidays and sleep as much as you can.


  • You can also go for a body massage or steam therapy once a week as it will help your body relax, relieve body pains, and promote blood circulation.


  • Disturbed sleep is yet another symptom of Shift Work Sleep Disorder. So, whenever you go to bed, make sure that your room is dark enough and away from disturbance so that you can have a peaceful sleep. Keep your gadgets away as they might distract you.
    You can perform simple and basic yoga poses daily, such as Vajrasana or Pranayama, for a couple of minutes. They can help you keep away from irritation and increase your concentration levels.

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