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Childless Sister-In-Law Was Killed On Tantrik’s Orders

2 brothers murder their sister-in-law on tantrik’s orders to sacrifice her.

The incident occurred in Bihar’s Sheohar village on Tuesday night, where 36-year-old Sarita Devi was hacked to death by her husband  Bhagavan Lal Mukhiya’s brothers.

The brothers- Sunil Mukhiya and Veer Mukhiya were arrested for their crime where they confessed that they were following the orders of a tantric. Veer Mukhiya’s wife- Indirasan Devi was arrested also after suspected of involvement in the crime.

The arrested accused stated that they consulted a tantric named ‘Vinod’ after the victim & her husband had no children despite being married for many years.

‘Vinod’ had told them that Sarita Devi was a “daayan” (witch) and they must offer her in sacrifice in order to propitiate the gods which would fulfil their wish for a child.

‘Vinod’ and three of his associates are being searched by the police.


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