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Sonakshi Orders Headphones from Amazon, Guess what she Gets

It is not uncommon these days that a lot of mistakes and cheating take place in online e-commerce websites these days. People get a different product than what they have ordered and it is starting to be a news that doesn’t grab a lot of eyeballs, but not when a film star is at the receiving end of such misfortune.

Well, it was actress Sonakshi Sinha was the victim here. She had ordered a headphone through Amazon and what she received was a piece of iron instead of Bose headphones. The pretty actress took to Twitter to vent her frustration. She tweeted:

“Your (Amazon’s) customer service doesn’t even want to help, that’s what makes it even worse,”

In another tweet she said:
“Anybody want to buy a brand new shiny piece of junk for 18,000 bucks?”


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