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Amala Paul making headlines again with her recent post

Amala Paul, currently she is the one who gets criticised for everything she does.

Amala Paul topped the headlines when the news of her divorce with filmmaker A.L. Vijay flashed across the internet. This 25-year-old actress instantly became the talk of the town. Many reasons were speculated behind this divorce. It was Vijay’s father A.L. Azhagappan who confirmed that this divorce news is not baseless. The couple apparently decided to bring an end to their marriage due to lifestyle issues.

Whatever she gets hatred and criticised for sexy hot appearances after her divorce. Amala did not go low profile after the divorce but is coming out more open on social media with her gorgeous selfies, a good move indeed.

Recently, she gets trolled for her new posts. Amala Paul, last night has shared a pic in which she was seen smoking a cigar and captioned the pic saying, ‘this is not me advocating smoking, this is me living my Hollywood fangirl dreams. Every star has an iconic smoking shot, and here’s mine’. The pic is currently going viral in the social sites and her fans are commenting on the post saying smoking kills.

Check out the pic below.


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