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Indian Will be able to See 2 Eclipses in 2019

Astronomy enthusiasts and skygazers will be able to watch five eclipses in 2019, two of which will be visible in India.

The information on the coming eclipses was provided by Rajendraprakash Gupt, the superintendent of Ujjain-based Jiwaji Observatory.

On January 6 there will be a partial solar eclipse but it won’t be visible in India.

On January 21, a total lunar eclipse will take place which too would not be visible in India as it would be daytime here, he informed.

ON July 2 or 3, India won’t get to see the eclipse as it would be night here.

A partial lunar eclipse set to take place on July 16-17 will be visible in India as well as an annular (ring-shaped) solar eclipse on December 26


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