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V Muraleedharan Says his Stand on Sabarimala was Misinterpreted

BJP leader V Muraleedharan had reportedly said that it is okay if women who are devotees are coming to Sabarimala for Darshan. He was talking in an interview given to a national channel. His words were used by the left to campaign against the devotees who support the traditions and customs of Sabarimala. Noe Muraleedharan himself has come out saying that his words were misinterpreted.

” The comments I made Yesterday in an English channel, were singled out and placed in a different context and has been used to campaign against me. In Sabarimala, the Supreme Court’s verdict to let young devotee women enter the temple was used by Police that they trained two Naxal and Maoist women to enter Sabarimala. The Marxist party is using my statement to help this campaign against Sabarimala. Media should be impartial whether they are with or against young women’s entry into Sabarimala” he said.


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